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Pirates & Merchants

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Pirates-&-merchents-CoverA Pathfinder Role Playing Game compatible adventure for 1st-3rd level characters.


The success of the Regency in establishing peace and order within its domains has made life much better. Villagers no longer need to worry that they will be awakened by the bloodthirsty howls of gnoll slavers. Merchants can travel in safety from one end of the regency to the other with little to fear but going broke from bad business decisions.

However, one group now faces tough times: amateur adventurers. There is little for the starting adventurer to do within the safe confines of the Regency, yet the foes remaining near the borders tend to be so terrible as to make short work of those who are as foolish as they are weak. Because of this, many young adventurers have elected to seek alternatives that do not involve boredom or certain death.

Well aware that power and boredom are a dangerous combination; Regency officials have established various means to encourage these young adventurers to seek their fortunes in appropriate ways. Some are recruited into the Regency forces, often dying nobly fighting terrible foes. Many more elect to take advantage of cheap or even free passage to untamed lands that the Regency desires to claim.

While these lands no doubt contain foes leftover from the days of the Cataclysm and new perils, the possibility of reward is even greater. In addition to the loot to be gained from fallen foes and old treasure troves, the Regency is known to be very generous to those who serve its interests well.

You adventurers are among those who have boldly chosen to leave the safety of the Regency and take free passage to a place of suitable adventure via the legendary TransportTowers. You will be sent to the newly reclaimed island of Kalthos in the lands of Aegus. While the area is still something of a wild frontier, the Regency has already established a small presence on the island and there is a small village, Arthos, there. You are tasked with aiding the villagers and expanding the power and influence of the Regency in the area.

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Pirates & Merchants MM

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Written by Michael LaBossiere

March 9, 2013 at 12:07 am

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