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3.5 OGL/Pathfinder RPG Material

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Dr. Michael LaBossiere is a guy from Maine who went to school in Ohio and ended up a philosophy professor in Florida.

While acquiring his doctorate in philosophy at Ohio State University, he earned his ramen noodle money by writing for Chaosium, GDW, R. Talsorian Games, and TSR. After graduate school, he became a philosophy professor at Florida A&M University. His first philosophy book, What Don’t You Know?, was published in 2008. He continues to write philosophy and gaming material. He is also a blogger, but these days who isn’t?

When not writing, he enjoys running, gaming and the martial arts. Thanks to a quadriceps tendon tear in 2009, he was out of running for a while, but returned to the trails and wrote a book about it, Of Tendon & Trail. He can be contacted at

Challenge  (GDW)

Issue # Article Title Page Numbers Game System
43 “New Cyber Equipment” 52-59 2300 AD(GDW)Cyberpunk (RTG)
46 “Dead Time” 58-61 Cyberpunk (RTG)
49 “Wrecking Zone” 62-69 Cyberpunk (RTG)
52 “The Beast of Boston” 68-74 Cyberpunk (RTG)
54 “Ghosts in the Machines” 74-75 BattleTech (FASA)
55 “The Thing on the Bike Path” 33-38 Dark Conspiracy (GDW)
55 “Conner’s World” 66-69 BattleTech (FASA)
57 “Live Eye” 62-65 Cyberpunk (RTG)
58 “In the News” 64-68 Cyberpunk (RTG)
59 “Rock ‘n’ Roll Never Dies” 18-20 2300AD (GDW)
59.5 “Star Trek: The Last Generation” 64 Humor
60 “Hot Metal Rain” 54-59 Cyberpunk (RTG)
61 “Out of the Depths” 32-38 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
61 “This is Only a Test!” 48-52 2300AD (GDW)
61 “Low Desert Kill” 74-75 BattleTech (FASA)
62 “Kafka” 81-88 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
63 “Into the Depths” 34-38 2300AD (GDW)
63 “Tiger” 52-55 Cyberpunk (RTG)
64 “Drifter” 38-39, 49 2300AD (GDW)
65 “Dark Halloween” 32-37 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
66 “”On the Dark Side of the Moon” 60-66 Cyberpunk (RTG)
67 “Old Enemies” 37-40 2300AD (GDW)
67 “What Goes Up” 42-46 Cyberpunk (RTG)
68 “Window of the Mind” 34-39 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
69 “Road Work” 34-39 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
69 “Infantry and Field Weapons” 74-77 BattleTech (FASA)
70 “Thin Jack” 64-69 Call of Cthulhu(Chaosium)
70 “Infantry and Field Weapon Vehicles” 74-78 BattleTech (FASA)
71 “Ant Hill” 80-81 BattleTech (FASA)
72 “Last Stop” 12-17 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
73 “Ice. Ice, Baby” 32-37 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
73 “Road Work” 54-56 Cyberpunk (RTG)
74 “Globules” 36-42 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
76 “Way Down Atlantis” 40-49 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)
77 “The Beast Under the Bed” 40-48 Dark Conspiracy(GDW)


Dragon Magazine  (TSR)

Issue # Article Title Page Numbers Game System
166 “Wired and Ready” 10-15 Generic Cyberpunk

Adventures and Sourcebooks

Title Game System Total Pages 
Nightsider , 1992. Author. Dark Conspiracy (GDW) 32
Protect & Serve: The Law Enforcement Sourcebook for Cyberpunk, 1992. Co-authored withGeoff Pass. Cyberpunk (RTG) 96
ChromeBook 3, 1994.Contributor. Cyberpunk (RTG) 127
Solo of Fortune 2, 1994.Contributor. Cyberpunk (RTG) 96
“Blood Moon” in Strange Aeons Anthology, 1995. Call of Cthulhu(Chaosium) 74


Written by Michael LaBossiere

December 20, 2011 at 5:58 pm

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